The 4 Biggest Mistakes Managers Are Making With Their New Talent

We are in the most competitive job market in over a decade. And that means even your best employees are at risk of quitting. The most effective retention strategy is not offering more money than your competitors.


4 Reasons Your Employees Are Quitting

One of my family’s favorite movies is Christmas Family Vacation. One of the subplots of the movie is Clark Griswold putting money down on a pool because he was expecting his annual Christmas bonus. When he gets a jelly and jam box subscription, he goes into all-out meltdown mode and tries to quit.

The 7 Best And 5 Worst Mission Statements Of America's Top Brands

Walking through the halls of a typical office building, I asked one of the employees what they believed the mission of the organization was. He cocked his head a bit as he sputtered out something about serving clients with excellence and working hard.

The 6 Things Every Employee Engagement Survey Should Include

Please, do us all a favor and stop surveying your employees. But if you do, read this first. Most organizations survey their employees at least once a year. They send out a long list of questions to magically measure how engaged their employees are. They collect information about salaries and benefits, feedback and internal communications.

The 5 C's of Employee Retention: Follow These And Keep Them Longer

As I have mentioned in previous articles, employees may be attracted to a major brand, but it isn’t the brand that keeps them. Whether it’s as a consumer or as an employee, people may trust the brand enough to try them out, but if the brand violates their expectations, they will quickly leave for another experience.

How Much Does Losing One Employee Cost You? Use This Equation To Find Out

Employee turnover is expensive. As I wrote in my post last week, it is costing American companies at least $20 billion every year*. And although it's hard to believe, that cost is just what's reported. The real number could be closer to $25 billion if you factor in lawsuits, lower productivity and recruiting costs.

What Attracts Them Isn't Actually What Keeps Them: How To Retain Employees Longer

In our research, we have seen that employees are attracted to work at a company for one of four reasons. For some, one of these reasons ranks higher than another. While others will weigh their ultimate decision between one or more of these factors.