The Purpose Factor

Brian's newest book, The Purpose Factor: Extreme Clarity for Why You're Here and What to Do About It, also written with Gabrielle Bosché, reveals the clearest, most actionable process ever developed for discovering purpose—period. If you're tired of life happening to you, not because of you it will give you a total life breakthrough.

Purpose is the single difference between simply existing and really living. It is what divides the top earners from the just-get-byers, and determines whether a company will grow and thrive or just barely survive.

Knowing your purpose will determine how well you do and how far you go. Preorder The Purpose Factor now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

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Keep Them Longer

Brian's book, Keep Them Longer: How to Gain, Train and Retain Top Talent, written with Gabrielle Bosché, destroys the myths about reducing churn and introduces a simple process by which leaders can retain top talent.

This book combines over 10 years of generational research, 100+ interviews with Fortune 1000 level leaders, and the human science on what really motivates employees to stay beyond the "two year itch."

If you want to learn the secrets to retaining your talent longer, click below to get your copy of Keep Them Longer!

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